Welcome to My ePortfolio

My name is Mindi Turner-Hayes and I am 30+ wife and mother. I decided to return to school not only to better myself and my future, but to show my daughters that ANYTHING is possible.

I am currently working towards my associates degree of Business Management. I WILL complete my bachelors as well, but everyone needs to start somewhere.

I currently work as a Systems Administrator for a mortgage company here in the Salt Lake Valley. I have been with them since March 2005. I love my job, and really don’t have plans once I have my degree to leave.

I have been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters. A 17-year-old who is finishing high school and preparing to enter college, and a fun and feisty 5-year-old who just started kindergarten. I have been married for about 18 months to an amazing man who supports all my goals, he encourages me to to finish what I have started.

When I  became a single mom,  I learned a lot about myself and what I would like to do with my life. It put a fire under me that I have never had before. I wanted and still want to be an example of hard work and dedication to my girls, but still showing them they are what is most important in life.

I also have had the opportunity to teach dance at a local dance studio for the past 14 years. I love being able to share my talent and my love for something. I hope that I have touched lives of many girls and that they will love to dance just because they can.

Please take time to explore and get to know me a little better!